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Nutrition Cup Seedling Cup

Nutrition Cup Seedling Cup

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The material of the pulp cup is mainly waste paper, straw, reed, bagasse, etc. . It is rich in plant fiber and is easy to degrade. There is no need to remove the seedling from the cup. You can even plant the cup directly into the pot and plant it without hurting the seedling.

After degradation, the paper cup becomes organic fertilizer, which is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other trace elements, which is conducive to the growth of seedlings.

Due to the air permeability of the pulp cup, the roots of the seedlings can easily extend out of the cup body, overcoming the bad problems such as nest roots, crooked roots and rotten roots generated by plastic pot seedlings.

The degradation period of the pulp cup can be long or short, about 10 days short


Product: Seed Nursery Cup

Material: Paper, Peat

Color: As Pictures Shown

Size: app.6cmx6cm/2.36inx2.36in

Quantity: 50 Pcs/1 Set

Package Content:

1 Set *  Seedling Cup

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